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Voskevaz Winery is located in Aragatsotn region of Armenia in the village by the same name, “Voskevaz,” which in Armenian means "golden bunch." The foothills area of the highest mountain in Armenia-Aragats is amazingly beautiful and diverse, and its land keeps cultural layers of ancient Armenian civilization. Just a couple of kilometers from the winery, on the edge of the picturesque gorge of river Kasakh, are located the remains of “Badali Jam” church built in the 5th-7th centuries. Nearby were found parts of karases (Armenian clay amphorae), which were dug into the ground and used to age the wine. Voskevaz Winery was established in 1932. With all of the modern innovations, it still has carefully preserved much of its authentic elements including the buildings.

Today there are numerous construction works on the territory of the winery in order to create a new, one of a kind touristic complex.The renaissance of the winery began in 2004. Today Voskevaz produces wine using both modern wine-making technology and traditional old karases that were made in the 19th century. Karas, a traditional vessel for wine fermentation and aging, was used on the territory of Armenia from ancient times. The earliest karases were found in the remains of the oldest known winery in the world (about 6,100 years old), in the caves of Areni, as well as at the partially preserved karas wine cellar in the ruins of the Urartian fortress Teishebaini.    

All of our wines, without exception, reflect the true nature of Armenia. The wines are produced only from local grape varieties and for wine aging are used rare high-quality Armenian oak barrels. In the production of sweet wines in Armenia "Voskevaz Winery" has pioneered the use of wine withering technology. Voskevaz wines were awarded multiple medals at various prestigious local and international wine contests such as “Mundus Vini”, “Decanter World Wine Awards”, “Sommelier Wine Awards”, etc. Constantly improving and perfecting the quality of its products, almost every year expanding the assortment of drinks, our Voskevaz invests its contribution to the wine world.